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Mary Louise Cory-Thomas

Mary Louise Cory-Thomas was born January 18, 1892. Her mother, Mary Zoella, died when she had just turned three. Louise was raised by Mattie and Will Putnam . Her father Turberville and brother Llewellyn moved to England for nine years.
Mary Louise and Mattie Putnam in Hudson, Wisconsin
Taken in October 1894 at 2years & 9 months
The caption on the back of this photo reads: At the farm Thrashing day August '97 from left to right are: Bertha Foster, Mary Louise, John Foster and Mattie Putnam
She did not go to high school, but passed entrance exams at 14 for River Falls Normal, as it was called then. At the age of 16 she was teaching at a rural school. She returned to school graduating in 1909 after which she taught in Fort Morgan, Colo. Her first trip to Montana was in 1909 visiting her uncle, Isaac C. Foster, a bookkeeper for the Kalispell Lumber Co. Then she went to Vancouver, B.C. where her father Turberville was editor of a daily newspaper. She taught on Gambier Island, 50 miles from Vancouver.
This pin provides another story years later
Louise married John Graves in 1913. This photo was taken in Kila near the property that they purchased near Kesslers Flats.

A Short Story

"The Paths of Glory"

by Louise Graves

John Graves died in 1931. Louise went back to teaching. This photo is how I remember her. There is a brief biography in the newspaper article Mrs. St John Finds a Life Full of Interest, She died july 14, 1966. This is a link to her obituary in the Hungry Horse News
An Alaska map helps to understand where Louise worked
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