Mel Gibson has taken a myth, made a movie out of it, and confused it with reality.  Not to be outdone by The Passion of the Christ, I decided to write The Erection of the King aka The Rexerection.  Mel Gibson inspired me to make self-discovery my One Hundred and Twenty Days of Sod and say "Here I root.  I can do no other."  (Apologies to the Marquis de Sade and Martin Luther) 
Jesus rounded up twelve friends and had a last supper.  I got together twelve pals and didn't eat.  Socrates said, "The unexamined life is not worth living."  I say, "The unlived life is not worth examining."  
The Erection of the King will not do as well as The Passion of the Christ, where The Sermon on the Mount was a big hit, but if I can leave you with The Sermon on the Monty, I will feel as though  The Rexerection has been a success. (One fragment written per day beginning March 4, 2004)
How can the heart express itself?
How can another understand you?"
        (Fedor Ivanovich Tiutchev 1803~1873)