Jack Hamil

Joseph Frank Hamil was born in Whitefish Montana on June 5, 1915. His parents were Joseph and Jesse Hamil. Here he is with his half sister and brother Lucille and Forest (Forkie) Forcum
I was told by a college friend's mother that she met my father and his brother Forky at a party somewhere near Big Fork Montana about the time of these photos. He apparently cut a wide swath as she said that she was risking scandal for just having been there.
It was a different time.
The photo below was taken about the time that Jack met Eloise. Eloise kept a series of letters from that time.
Jack and Eloise were married on September 26th 1938. He received his DMD from the North Pacific School of Dentistry passing his Oregon Board of Dental Examiners in May of 1942 but was soon on his way to serve in the army first in Alaska then to Europe in the infantry rather than the medical core. His story was that he was in line to board the fleet on his birthday June 5th 1944 when weather postponed the invasion and he was sent to the rear so that he landed a couple days later.
Home on leave from serving in Alaska before shipping out to Europe in the early 1940's.
Judy, Jack and Eloise
U Dog
Jack spent a month every summer fishing out of Astoria after he returned from WWII. His first boat was a 16 foot spruce open cockpit. This was followed by a 21 foot Chris Craft shiny mahogany runabout then a 30 foot mahogany Owens, the Suzie Q. The favorite was his last, a 32 foot Chris Craft named the U Dog. Photo from 1957.
He was also an avid wild fowl hunter every fall and winter. Photo from 1958
Thanksgiving at Beths.
Family friend, Orin Bartlet, nephew, Jack Southworth and Jack
Jack and John at Judy's wedding in September 1963.
Jack and Eloise with grandchildren Tracy and David in 1972
Joseph Frank Hamil was born on June 5, 1915 in Whitefish, Montana and died in a fishing accident in Astoria, Oregon on July 23, 1977.