Joseph F. Hamil was born in Whitefish Montana on June 6, 1915 His parents were Joseph and Jesse Hamil.

Below, he is with his half sister and brother Lucille and Forest (Forky) Forcum

I was told by a college friend's mother that she met my father and his brother Forky at a party somewhere near Big Fork Montana about the time of these photos. He apparently cut a wide swath as she said that she was risking scandal for just having been there.

It was a different time.

The photo below was taken about the time that Jack met Eloise. Eloise kept a series of letters from that time.

Thanksgiving Dinner at Beth's
Jack with Orin Bartlet an Jack Southworth

He died July 23,1977 A drowning accident in Ilwaco, Washington on his way fishing

Jack and Eloise with Tracy and David Lundquist