Not since my Erection of the King aka The Rexerection in 2004 has there been such an obsessive-compulsive project as the following unsolicited poems for you “chosen ones” to read. “Why Lowkus instead of Haikus?” some of you ask. Well, I would not presume to think I have mastered that poetic form. As the doctor who removed my prostate said, “A surgeon does not work with boxing gloves.” Just as the water knows not how many hands are on the pump handle, I am only vaguely aware of how many of you were high or low cued into this effort. Rocinante, our will be done! Now, as to the suggestion that I Iisten to the score from The Man from La Mancha, I say “Thank you, but I am tired of tilting at Lowkus; and Rocinante, whose name means Supernag, is tired, too. We are off to the trough for some grog and then to bed. If this project was pleasing to you, then I have succeeded. If not, then I will quote Sartre who said, “The object of life is not to succeed but to continue to fail in good spirits.”